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Swings, exersaucers, play mats, toys, etc.

baby gear-USA® select toys and activity items to keep your baby entertained while on vaction.

We would be happy to use any of these prdoducts with our own families.

Infant Swings

  • Designed for infants 5 - 30 lbs
  • Deep cradle like seat well with 3 position recline and cozy padding
  • Sturdy curved frame with an open top design and a five point safey harness
  • Six swing speeds; vibration option with music or nature sounds
  • Overhead mobile
  • Removable toy tray

Infant Bouncy Seat

  • Suitable for infants from birth to 25 lbs
  • Cozy enough for a newborn but roomy enough for the bigger infants
  • Three point restraint system has adjustable safety restraint straps
  • Padded headrests and fleece lined seats and that are all washable
  • Options such as vibration, nature sounds or music and a toy bar to help soothe most babies
  • Can easily fold flat for travel or storage


  • The seat can be adjusted to different height positions to accommodate various age infants
  • Activity play centers remain stationary but allow the baby to rotate a full 360° and be part of the surrounding action
  • Generally recommended for children aged 5 months or older who can hold their head upright and sit up by themselves

Tub of Toys

  • A selection of age appropriate toys
  • Educationally appropriate
  • Safety is always our first consideration
  • We avoid sharp edges, long pull strings and small parts
  • If it can fall through a toilet paper roll then it is too small

Infant Activity Center Playmat

  • Provides a clean, padded surface for infants to stretch, move and have tummy time
  • Padded support bars with toy attachment for rattles and mirrors