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Cribs, mattresses, crib bumpers, high chairs, etc.

baby gear-USA® understands that, in addition to safety concerns, the comfort of your child is a major factor for most parents.

Our products are selected with these two criteria in mind because baby gear-USA® knows that "Safety Never Takes A Holiday™".


baby gear-USA® has chosen cribs for clients based upon these criteria

  • No drop down side rails
  • Safety features that are mandatory according to the JPMA and ASTM certification
  • The sturdy natural wood design and provides a high end "at home" feel for our clients
  • Non toxic finish

Crib Mattress

The mattress is an integral component to the cribs and equal care is applied in reviewing the selection

  • Standard crib size mattress with a 5" height featuring a square corner design
  • Side air vents
  • High grade vinyl cover for easy cleaning


Sheets, mattress covers, crib blanket, breathable bumpers: baby gear-USA® has gone all out with the crib linens. When you arrive, your crib will be already set up with high quality accessories

  • Sheets must be completely made with 200-count all cotton
  • A waterproof pad
  • The mattress cover must be a waterproof barrier that also offers allergy protection yet being cool and comfortable to sleep on

Crib Bumpers

baby gear-USA® always includes these in your crib rental. Breathable Bumpers are superior to traditional bumpers, offering these advantages

  • Helps to reduce the risk of suffocation while impeding climbing
  • Reduces the risk of entanglement
  • Provides a breathable fabric that is still soft enough to sleep against while keeping limbs safely inside the crib
  • Have been recoginized for their contribution to a safer crib environment from iParenting and from First Candle/Sids Alliance