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baby in a backback with mother

Car Seats, Joggers and Strollers, Back Packs, Beach Cart and Cooler, etc.

baby gear-USA® uses varying criteria to evaluate the products offered by the various manufacturers.

For some of the more common products, we have shared some of the points that we consider in this process.

Although our expertise may cause us to decide to change supplier from time to time for a particular product line, our exacting standards for quality will not be compromised. You can be certain that a baby gear-USA® selected product is the one that we truly believe best suited to the needs of our customers.

Car Seats

  • Selected with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards in mind
  • Range of seats to accommodate different sizes and weights of children
  • Ease of use for the parents, grandparents and caregivers

Joggers and Strollers

  • Focus on safety
  • Comfort for the child
  • Ease of use in transportation, folding and set up
  • Ability to maneuver on various terrains

Back Packs

  • Support for child within carrier
  • Comfort and fit for parent
  • Safety of parent and child

Beach Cart and Cooler

  • Pull this cart like a travel suitcase or push it like a stroller
  • 10" rear wheels easily go through the sand
  • Our cooler is perfect for a day at the beach and it easily fits in the bottom of the beach cart
  • Can hold up to 50 lbs. of gear (towels, beach chairs, cooler, toys, etc.)