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It was 1980 in South Africa that SNUGFIT™ was born (SNUGFIT™ is the name of Protect-A-Bed® in Africa and Australia, it is known as Allergon in Europe, SNUGFIT™ was already registered by another product in North America).

Mattresses needed protection and we were encouraged to manufacture 100% cotton Terry toweling waterproof mattress protectors. We set out to make a product which would help to provide a perfect, healthy and comfortable sleep. After much expense, trial and error, and research and development, the Protect-A-Bed® premium product in its present form was created. The polyurethane laminate can now withstand in excess of 200 washes and tumble dries at boiling point.

A greater awareness of other health aspects, made it even more important to protect mattresses and pillows against dust mite/bed bug infestation, which is a major cause of asthma, allergies and eczema etc.

Protect-A-Bed® being a health product, was produced with care to ensure that the materials used were safe and free of harmful substances like cadmium. The product has been tested to be flame-resistant to a greater extent than the law requires and, with reasonable care, can be used safely in all domestic environments. Our company takes pride in the fact that we receive thousands of unsolicited testimonials from satisfied users in all our markets worldwide. The Protect-A-Bed® promise to consumers is our assurance that we will not compromise on quality. Our focus and dedication is to provide complete customer satisfaction by producing a product that has no equal in the marketplace.