Billing Period

When calculating the charge for a partial week's reservation we cap the charge for the partial week at the equivalent weekly rate.

For example, when a product has rates of $10/day and $55/week the weekly rate is less after the 5th day. When this product is rented for a partial week of 6 days we cap the charge at $55 in stead of $60 ($10 x 6 days) for the partial week's charge.

Adjusted rates are marked with a * in the "Selected Products" section of the reservations review page. The charges are calculated by first counting all full weeks and then assessing any partial weeks (days) that remain.

Please feel free to add notes to the "Additional Information" section.

As always, we review the whole order request and will contact you regarding any queries or comments you have supplied.

Again, thank you for considering babygear-usa® for your equipment rental needs.