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Gernal Questions

  • Q: How long has baby gear-USA® been in business?
    A: baby gear-USA® is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia and has been in business since 2003. We have spent the last eight years building our knowledge and developing every aspect of the business.
  • Q: What steps are necessary to start my own baby gear-USA® License location?
    A: We recommend the following:
    • Review the information on our web site
    • Submit the online request for more information, "Expression of Interest" Form
    • Talk with baby gear-USA® Corporate
    • Complete the Confidentiality Agreement
    • Fill out the online, "Detailed License Application"
    • Select your territory and sign your License Agreement
    • Operating Manual can be acquired
    • Training is available upon request

Costs and Fees

  • Q: Do I need an outside office to run baby gear-USA®?
    A: No, baby gear-USA® is designed to be a home based license. Depending on the size of your location, you may choose to have an outside office.
  • Q: What is your License Fee?
    A: The base License Fee is $10,000.
  • Q: What is my initial investment?
    A: The start-costs and ongoing overhead are minimal. The initial License Fee is $10,000. Your total estimated start-up cost is $25,000 - $30,000. This estimate includes equipment, supplies and a logoed delivery van.
  • Q: How much do I pay in royalties?
    A: baby gear-USA® can assist you with fundamental demographics and profiles for your location; however, the success of each location depends on each Licensee's time commitment, expenses, marketing and advertising.
  • Q: Is a web site available?
    A: Yes. baby gear-USA® maintains an active web site. If you choose to use it, this web site is available to each Licensee. Each location will have its own page and is linked to the central reservations page. The licensee own page is a single page which is typically linked to their the Licensee's own site or a site managed by baby gear-USA® as part of a baby gear-USA® IT service offering.

    For an annual fee baby gear-USA® provides a complete site along with an online reservation system, rentals, news and mailbox options for licensee staff and location. Although complete at the time of deployment, most of the site is editable by the Licensee for their unique customization. This can provide participation in the media articles, internal searches, linking to the licensee locations for geographical search, submission to search engines and preferred page ranking through our search engine optimization efforts.
  • Q: Is there training available?
    A: Yes, a three day training seminar is available as requested. This would cover topics such as reservations and invoices, marketing, inventory, packing for delivery and pickup.
  • Q: Do you require any training?
    A: Yes. We do require at least one operator at each location to take and become certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). This course is offered by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association.
  • Q: Is insurance needed?
    A: Yes. General liability and auto insurance are required. Corporate must approve all Insurance Coverage.
  • Q: How are the territories designed?
    A: Working with each Licensee, locations are designated by area and population. Our goal is for every Licensee to be successful; therefore, Licenses cannot be offered in locations that do not meet our minimum requirements.
  • Q: Can I own an entire city?
    A: Yes. Since location is based on area as well as population, you can negotiate your area. You can even start in one area and if no competing territories arise, you can build on your location.
  • Q: What if there is already a baby gear-USA® location in my area?
    A: Larger locations could support more than one License opportunity. This is something we would evaluate during a preliminary review of demographics and profiles for your location.

Dedicated Licensee Support

  • Q: Is there someone to guide me through this process?
    A: Absolutely! baby gear-USA® wants you to be successful. We stand behind our brand and want to assist you in every way possible. Our Founder and CEO can aid you as requested from documents to start up. Additional Consulting services are also available.
  • Q: If I buy a baby gear-USA® License, how do I learn to operate my location?
    A: If requested, our Founder and CEO can offer an extensive three day training to walk you through every aspect of running your business. We cover day to day operations, inventory selection, marketing and advertising, van / storage design. As always, we will continue to offer outstanding ongoing support as you grow your business.
  • Q: What other support services are available?
    A: ld not be a requirement; however, they are always available as requested such as training, van/storage design, day to day operations and inventory selection.
  • Q: How do I market and advertise my License location?
    A: Initial training is available on request that can assist you with marketing and advertising. Additionally, the baby gear-USA® web site is constantly updated to keep you high in search engine rankings and active on the web.
  • Q: When do I need to pay my License Fee and provide a signed Agreement?
    A: We require all fees and contracts five weeks prior to your training session. This gives us adequate time to prepare for your training.
  • Q: What if I want to later sell my baby gear-USA® License location?
    A: You may sell your baby gear-USA® License location; however, individuals must be approved by Corporate before they are allowed to purchase. Administrative, transfer, legal and training fees will apply.
  • Q: Can I receive a copy of the License Agreement prior to completing the "Confidentiality Agreement" and the "Detailed License Application?"
    A: No. Our License Agreement is a valuable document which has been developed by our Attorney who specializes in Licensing and Intellectual Property. We do not distribute this indiscriminately. Please follow the application procedure and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the Licensing Agreement.