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Application Process

Our Six Step Process

At baby gear-USA®, we feel that our success in a community is bonded directly to the quality of licensees. Consequently, we are extremely vigilant about choosing the right partner to become a license partner. More than just having a good relationship, we feel that the chemistry must also be right.

The following process is followed for licensee applications:

  1. Potential licensee reviews the on-line documentation documentation and Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. An EXPRESSION OF INTEREST is be made by completing the form in this section. Please include a message giving a little bit of information about yourself and your goals. This first introduction is a very important part of the process.*
    *This advertisement is not an offering. Persons submitting this form are under no obligation. This form is simply a request for more information on the baby gear-USA® license opportunity.
  3. We review your initial message within 48 hours.
  4. The potential location is evaluated against our current plans, preliminary demographics and market research.
  5. Contact is made to exchange more information with you. If you decide to continue with a more detailed evaluation of the opportunity of purchasing a baby gear-USA® License, we will send you a Confidentiality Agreement, one for each named application, and the detailed baby gear-USA® License Application document.
  6. If the base match looks good between us, we begin the process of pursuing and evaluating the potential license application and territory.

The baby gear-USA® licensee application process is very thorough. We do not automatically offer license opportunities to all qualified candidates. We will select candidates for license opportunities having taken into consideration the information provided to us by the applicant, but also taking into consideration the desire to maximize the revenue potential for any particular license that is approved and the potential impact on existing licensees.