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Who is and what is baby gear-USA®?

baby gear-USA® is a full service baby equipment rental company. Child safety and cleanliness are paramount. We offer a wide range of baby equipment to individuals and corporate clients. All of our equipment for rent is purchased new.

Holiday Travel Tips

Some travel tips to consider before you leave:

  • Decide if you are driving or flying will help you determine want you can and cannot bring with you.
  • If you decide to rent baby equipment, always plan ahead.
    • Can they guarantee availability of the items you need
    • Will they provide you with the correct product, not substitutions
    • Get a detailed confirmation for the items you have requested
  • Mismatched items are common with the rental business
    • Cribs and Pack N Plays must have the proper fitted bedding
    • Baby gates and Pet gates do a similar same job, but are not the same!
    • Older equipment may be unsafe and/or even recalled

Any reputable baby equipment rental company should not hesitate to provide you with the make, model number and manufacture date of a product you would like to rent.


For more information on launching a baby gear-USA location in your area, visit our web site or call us to discuss opportunities related to baby gear-USA® - see details on our Contact Us page.