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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a customer-centric attitude with the emphasis on providing quality products and outstanding service imparted to you by exceptional employees.

This philosophy means that our goal is to deliver to you an experience based upon four key components:

  • Quality Products
    • Our attitude to our products is best defined by our company motto, Impeccable Gear™
    • We carefully research the products available on the market to ensure that we are providing you with what we believe to be the best product on the market
  • Consistency
    • Every time you deal with baby gear-USA®, we want you to have the same wonderful experience
    • We believe in Magnificent Service™ and strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the service provided by any of our baby gear-USA® licensees.
    • From order to delivery to return, our process will feel the same each time you deal with us; no surprises!
  • Expertise
    • Safety never takes a holiday™ is a key belief to our operations
    • Our Licensee employees receive specialized training to ensure that they are best able to match your needs to the appropriate products
    • baby gear-USA® ensures that it is aware of the latest developments in the industry, never compromising the safety of your child
  • Local Representation
    • baby gear-USA® personnel will normally deliver and set up your equipment on site
    • You can easily ask questions to the representative on the spot
    • No need to rely on complicated printed instructions and toll-free help phones in foreign countries to resolve your problems
    • If something goes wrong, we are there to fix the problem immediately

baby gear-USA® knows the challenges of traveling with children. Our experience will help to make your trip less stressful and hopefully more enjoyable.